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Yavin Pilot Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive)

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yavinpilotpack-t.jpg Yavin Pilot Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive) : 653569765233 Price: $169.99
Re-enact the ultimate Star Wars dogfight between Imperial and Rebel forces with this awesome YAVIN Pilot Pack! These Rebel pilot figures are ready to take to space with their Droids for an assault on the Death Star.

Dressed in flight suits and armed with their blasters, the 4 pilot figures of this Star Wars Pilot Pack Action Figure - Yavin are:

TIREE (Gold Two)
Mauler Mithel (Black Two)

The pack also includes R5-D8, your JEK PORKINS figure's Droid! Send them into battle or stand them up in your collection. Either way, the action is going to be epic! The Battle of Yavin is a decisive battle in the fight to free the galaxy. The Rebels achieve an important victory when they destroy the Death Star. The pilots of Red Squadron and Gold Squadron, supported by their trusty Astromech Droids, take on the menacing Imperial pilots in a ferocious space dogfight around the battle station.

3.75" scale.