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Marion Ravenwood

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marionravenwood-t.jpg Marion Ravenwood : 653569307570 Price: $24.99
While touring a crowded marketplace in Cairo, Marion and Indiana Jones are attacked by a band of local thugs. When one of the attackers chases Marion with a knife, she grabs a pan from a nearby street vendor and lures her pursuer into a building. Inside, she bludgeons him with the pan, knocking him unconscious with one loud clang.

Add to the adventure and to your collection! with this detailed figure! Team up with Indy and help Marion fight off her captors with a frying pan, no less! Though she may look small, this sweet sidekick can hold her own! Armed not only with a frying pan, but also a mighty sword, this posable figure is ready to join Indiana Jones on his most harrowing adventures! Team up with this unlikely heroine and uncover a top-secret hidden relic in the process! Recreate exciting and memorable scenes from the classic Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark!

3.75" scale figure comes with a weapon, frying pan and hidden relic accessories.