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Urban Legends 4-Pack

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urbanlegends(t).jpg Urban Legends 4-Pack : 086892703991 Price: $119.99
On the mean streets of Urban Legends, the kid gloves come off. Guardian devils, vengeance-crazed vigilantes, and enigmatic assassins stalk the city's dark underbelly and the urban action unfolds with gritty intensity. There is the famous wall-crawler Spider-Man, a man of the people, a working class hero, giving his all to protect the city and its residents. Daredevil, blind lawyer by day, feared vigilante by night, struggling endlessly to safeguard Hell's Kitchen, suffering and grief his only companions. The Punisher, a merciless scourge of the underworld, forever cutting a swath of destruction through crime and corruption in New York City and beyond. Elektra, a killer-for-hire, knows firsthand the chill of the grave and always draws first blood. Urban Legends pushes the envelope, tempering action and adventure with palpable realism and edgy drama that shines a light on the dark corner and back alleys of the Marvel Universe. Includes 6" scale versions of dark Daredevil, The Punisher, Elektra and Spider-Man. Special poster book included!