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Hulkbuster Iron Man (Armored Avenger Legends Series) - Reviews

Hulkbuster Iron Man (Armored Avenger Legends Series)

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hulkbusterironman-legendsseries-t.jpg Hulkbuster Iron Man (Armored Avenger Legends Series) : 653569598459 Price: $149.99
Tony Stark is always thinking ahead about how best to protect Earth. One of the dangers that has preoccupied him for years is the one posed by the Hulk. Stark built the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor, an immensely powerful suit designed specifically to take down the Hulk and prevent him from threatening the planet. "Wage war" on the forces of evil with your battle-ready Hulkbuster Iron Man figure! In his suit of "iron," your warrior is already a force too powerful for most opponents. But with his heavy artillery launcher accessory in tow, he's even more unstoppable! Team up with your Hulkbuster Iron Man figure to take on bad guys, wherever and whenever you find them. Figure is 6" scale and comes with heavy artillery launcher accessory.