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Logan vs. Rogue (movie)

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loganandrogue-t.jpg Logan vs. Rogue (movie) : 035112497738 Price: $44.99
The mystery man known only as Logan and the teenage runaway named Rogue are truly kindred spirits. Each has a special ability that they must forever struggle to control. Rogue must be careful never to touch anyone for with even the slightest physical contact; she will absorb a person's powers and memories. Logan must constantly try to keep his animalistic berzerker rage in check. Both mutant drifters lived a nomadic lifestyle where they constantly traveled from place to place without ever feeling they truly belonged. It was fate that brought these mutants together when Logan saved Rogue. They both later joined the clandestine team of mutants known as the X-Men. These two lonely souls now finally have a family and place to which they belong.