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Everyone Versus Galactus (Marvel Legends Masterworks)

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everyoneversusgalactus-mlm-t.jpg Everyone Versus Galactus (Marvel Legends Masterworks) : 035112715924 Price: $259.99
Wielding the immeasurable might of the Power Cosmic, the mysterious entity known only as Galactus has traversed the expanse of creation for eons in search of planets to sate his eternal hunger. Having destroyed countless worlds in innumerable galaxies, Galactus must absorb the very life energy of these biospheres to sustain his awesome power. Now, with a hunger that can no longer be denied, the Devourer of Worlds will fight Earth's mightiest heroes for our very planet. Can the Fantastic Four, teamed up with the Avengers and Spider-Man defeat Galactus once more, or will this fearsome Goliath cast our entire civilization into the darkness of oblivion? A battle for the very fate of the world -- The Marvel Heroes versus Galactus! Galactus stands approximately 8" tall. Includes a 32 page comic book.