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Droid Attack on the Coronet (Toys R Us Exclusive)

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droidattackonthecoronoet-t.jpg Droid Attack on the Coronet (Toys R Us Exclusive) : 653569645986 Price: $89.99
A spider assassin droid attacks clone troopers in the cargo hold of the Coronet. Duchess Satine is on board the ship, heading to Coruscant to meet with the Senate. The Mandalorian splinter group Death Watch, which wants the duchess out of the way, has sent a spider assassin droid to attack her. The deadly droid strikes two clones as assassin droid spawn slip away to carry out the treacherous mission.

Includes 3.75" scaled Spider Assassin Droid, 3 Assassin Droid Spawn, Clone Trooper Mixer and Clone Trooper Redeye.

Also includes battle game cards.