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10" Lightning Power Thor - Reviews

10" Lightning Power Thor

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10inchlightningpowerthor-t.jpg 10" Lightning Power Thor : 653569584087 Price: $43.99
Thor is the sworn protector of both Earth and Asgard. With his hammer Mjolnir in his hand there is nothing that can stand in his way. To battle against villains he calls upon the full strength of his mighty arms and the full power of lightning.

Even the very toughest opponents are no match for you and your Thor figure! When enemies approach, press his belt to unleash flashing lights and electronic phrases, like "I am Thor!" and "Feel the might of my hammer!" If the villains aren't yet quaking in fear, use his snap-on "lightning" launcher to send "bolts" flying in their direction. With that kind of firepower and your figure's mighty muscles, you're sure to win the fight!

Figure is 10" scale and comes with snap-on "lightning" launcher.

Includes 2 "AAA" batteries.