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Vulture (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider Charged) - Reviews

Vulture (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider Charged)

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vulture-sc-t.jpg Vulture (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider Charged) : 653569375272 Price: $574.99 On Sale! $124.99
Determined to destroy The Spectacular Spider-Man once and for all, Otto Octavius — aka the diabolical Doc Ock — powers up the city’s villains with his bio-engineered Cyber Spiders! Soaring through the sky in his new, Spider Charged stealth armor, the Vulture is almost totally silent, and nearly invisible in the night sky. As he flies, he prepares to dive and deliver a destructive blow to The Spectacular Spider-Man. Swing into action with this articulated Vulture figure! Based on the animated character, this thrilling villain comes with pop-out wing accessories to take to the “skies” in moments and search for his nemesis. With his Cyber Spider by his side, this bad guy is more powerful than ever! Figure comes with wing accessories and a collectible Cyber Spider figure.