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First Strike Optimus Prime (Voyager Class) - Reviews

First Strike Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)

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firststrikeoptimusprime-t.jpg First Strike Optimus Prime (Voyager Class) Price: $49.99 On Sale! $41.99
When the AllSpark was destroyed, the war against the Decepticons ended in one stroke. Optimus Prime was bathed in the power of the shattered AllSpark. The gaps in his armor gleam with ancient energy, his eyes and voice pulse with power. He has become a living receptacle of the creative power of the AllSpark, capable of healing - or destroying - with the merest thought. Despite this, he remains dedicated to peace. As a symbol of this dedication, he has altered his exterior decorations to match the ones he bore as a young leader, before the beginning of the war.

Features missile firing cannons and smokestacks that convert to cannons.