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Astonishing Wolverine (Marvel Universe, series 3, 025) - Reviews

Astonishing Wolverine (Marvel Universe, series 3, 025)

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astonishingwolverine-mu-t.jpg Astonishing Wolverine (Marvel Universe, series 3, 025) : 653569638209 Price: $44.99
Many have tried to use Logan's abilities as a means to secure their own power. None have succeeded. His fierce instincts make controlling him as difficult as defeating him in battle, a lesson not lost on the X-MEN. Unsure of his past in a society where mutants face an uncertain future, WOLVERINE is the hero best equipped to survive in a world where too often it's every man for himself. Get some mutant action going with this ASTONISHING WOLVERINE figure! He's got the extending claws to take on any enemy you throw at him, and he'll make a fierce, lightning-quick enemy for anyone. Whether you stand him up in your collection on his figure stand or send him into battle, he's the hero you've been looking for! 3.75" tall ASTONISHING WOLVERINE Figure comes with stand.