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Titanium Man (31)

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titaniumman-31-t.jpg Titanium Man (31) : 653569504320 Price: $29.99 On Sale! $14.99
As a loyal KGB agent, Boris Bullski was more than happy to undergo the experiments that increased his size and strength, and wear the massive armor that turned him into the Titanium Man. He was assigned to embarrass the United States by defeating Iron Man in open combat, but the armored hero's fighting skills and superior technology defeated the massive Russian armor.

Prepare to take over the world, with a will of steel and a suit of "iron"! Throw your Titanium Man figure right into the middle of the action, this villain has enough power to defeat almost any opponent. But when he's up against his ultimate enemy, the tables could turn at any moment! Make this fighter unleash his snap on flame blast accessory to give the battle his all. Only you can decide who'll win in a true battle of "metal on metal"!

4" tall figure comes with snap-on flame blast accessory, three Armor Cards and a display stand.