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Doctor Octopus (Titanium Series Die-Cast)

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doctoroctopus-titanium-t.jpg Doctor Octopus (Titanium Series Die-Cast) Price: $29.99
The fate of the wall crawler has been inextricably linked to that of the brilliant Dr. Otto Octavius from the earliest career of both hero and villain. As a brilliant nuclear physicist and cybernetics engineer, Octavius is without peer; as Doctor Octopus he is a stunning criminal mastermind of prodigious strength and unmatched viciousness. During his first encounter with Spider-Man, he issued such a thorough pummeling to the hero that would become his arch-enemy that the web slinger considered giving up the super hero game entirely.

Since then, of course, he has suffered a series of humiliating defeats at the hands of Spider-Man, each one driving him deeper and deeper into depression and insanity. He has recently made a habit of hatching plots designed to enrich himself or garner power, rather then venturing out into the streets to go toe to toe with his enemies, who seem to grow in number every year. It is a source of unlimited rage that, despite his obviously superior intelligence, Spider-Man inevitably deduces his purposes and puts a stop to his plans.

Add to your friendly neighborhood collection of Marvel Heroes with this highly detailed, die-cast metal Doctor Octopus figure! This poseable figure comes with a display case.