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Spider-Man (Transformers Crossovers, Marvel Universe)

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spiderman-crossovers-mu-t.jpg Spider-Man (Transformers Crossovers, Marvel Universe) : 653569382386 Price: $124.99
Capable of phenomenal acceleration, and maneuverable enough to weave through traffic as easily as Spider-Man himself dodges bullets, his motorcycle mode is the ultimate extension of his style. In mech mode, it duplicates his powers almost perfectly, with powerful electromagnets that allow wall-crawling, and missile launchers that fire explosive blasts of webbing strong enough to entangle even the most powerful machine opponent.

Whether in hero or vehicle mode, this red and blue wonder is a force to be reckoned with! From sleek motorcycle mode, convert the cool vehicle with a twist here and a turn there to unleash this super Spider-Man figure in hero mode! Armed with his web missile launcher and a no-nonsense attitude, this "Spidey"-rrific sidekick is ready to team up with you and take on whatever adventures your imagination can dream up! 6" scale.