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Indiana Jones with Ark 2-Pack

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indianajoneswithark-t.jpg Indiana Jones with Ark 2-Pack : 653569323617 Price: $29.99
Disguised as local diggers, Indy and his loyal friend, Sallah, gain access to the excavation site of Belloq and the Germans. With Sallah’s help, Indy lowers himself by rope into the restricted map room. Inside, he uses the ram-headed staff to discover the true location of the Well of Souls, a buried chamber that hides the Ark of the Covenant.

Help Indy uncover the secrets of the Ark! Disguised as a local digger, this Indiana Jones figure comes dressed in a long white robe and head wrap. Armed with Indy’s signature whip and a pistol, this fun figure is ready to take on whatever adventures you can dream up! Recreate exciting scenes from the film or create new excitement all your own!

3.75" tall figure comes with Ark, satchel, pistol and whip accessories.