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William Birkin & Sherry

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williambirkinandsherry-t.jpg William Birkin & Sherry : 035112441564 Price: $109.99
"William Birkin, a brilliant top scientist for Umbrella has exposed himself to his own experiment, the G-Virus, a virulent strain of mutagenetic DNA that courses through his body, Birkin undergoes various stages of transformations. In the G-2 stage, Birkin's DNA has rewritten itself, altering the very structure of his body size and mass and imbuing him with incredible power and superhuman strength as his conscious mind begins to recede. His raw power and need for senselss destruction guide him as he roams Raccoon City. As Birkin continues to mutate, he will seek out suitable subjects for implantation of his G-Virus embryo. He is drawn to his daughter Sherry whose compatbile genetic code makes her the perfect specimen to host Birkin's G-Virus.

Sherry Birkin is William's young daughter who roams the halls of the Raccoon City Police Department in search of her missing parents. Although somewhat shy, she is quick and wily, even in the face of unrelenting terror. Sherry relies on her quick thinking and small size to avoid the creatures that now menace Raccoon City. Unbeknownst to Sherry, the locket she wears around her neck holds a sample of the deadly G-Virus, a sample that makes her the target of various sinister forces.

William Birkin features ""squeeze 'n spin"" eyeball."