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Skrull Soldier & Kree Soldier (Marvel Legends) - Reviews

Skrull Soldier & Kree Soldier (Marvel Legends)

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skrullsoldiervskreesoldier-ml-t.jpg Skrull Soldier & Kree Soldier (Marvel Legends) : 653569345084 Price: $164.99
For thousands of year, the Kree and Skrulls have been locked in combat with one another. The vast resources of entire galaxies are devoted to the conflict, with the super science of both races focusing almost entirely on the continuing advancement of military technologies. Eventually, the science of both races resulted in champions - super powered soldiers whose might is the equal of the most powerful dreadnoughts in either fleet. The cosmic-powered Captain Marvel leads the Kree armies into battle, while the Skrulls develop the Super Skrull program, which yields phenomenally powerful soldiers with many of the powers bestowed upon Earth's Fantastic Four.

Skrull Soldier is 7" scale.