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Gladiator (Marvel Universe, series 3, 011)

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gladiator-mu-011-t.jpg Gladiator (Marvel Universe, series 3, 011) : 653569579144 Price: $24.99
The mighty Shi'ar Empire has many powerful servants, but the one whose power makes the very earth beneath his feet tremble is the unstoppable GLADIATOR. Every victory renders him stronger; every enemy vanquished hardens him further against wounding and pain. Across the Empire and beyond, the name of GLADIATOR inspires awe and terror, for wherever a plot against the Shi'ar takes root, there GLADIATOR will be to destroy it. This GLADIATOR figure radiates the dreaded, earth-shattering determination that sends shudders through his X-MEN enemies. Set him up against his foes (each figure sold separately) or simply stand him at attention in your collection. Wherever your travels take him, this vicious villain will not be ignored.