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Darth Vader (Unleashed 3)

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darthvader(unleashed3)t.jpg Darth Vader (Unleashed 3) Price: $54.99
He has awakened to a nightmare. His body is now more machine than man, and his former friends view him as a traitor and murderer. Even his name is gone. Now he is Darth Vader, and he will make the galaxy pay for all the pain it has caused him. The scourge of all that is good, he begins his fight to elevate the dark side to supreme power. In one hand, he raises his lightsaber against anyone who refuses to submit to the might of the Empire he is building. With his other hand, he uses his mastery of the Force to break his enemies. The past is dead, crushed beneath the heels of his boots. He is the Emperor's weapon of destruction, and he will make the worlds bow to the Empire - or grind them into dust. He strides forth into his new existence, black-helmeted, black-cloaked, as the symbol of oppression for an entire galaxy.