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Jack O'Lantern (Bug Busters)

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jackolantern(t).jpg Jack O'Lantern (Bug Busters) : 035112472094 Price: $54.99
Jetting through the city streets on his rocket disk, Jack O'Lantern is a criminal with a frightening visage. Utilizing advanced technology and weapons to create his chaos, Jack O'Lantern is always coming up with new ways to commit his crimes. Teaming up with the Vulture in his quest to destroy Spider-Man, Jack O'Lantern uses his Pumpkin-Hurling Bug Buster in his battle against the wall-crawler's newest ally, Silver Sable. Using all of the pumpkin-pounding resources at his command, Jack O'Lantern is one villain who's all trick and no treat!

Features Bug Eye Blaster with disk firing action and includes a bonus sneak attack sticker. 6" tall.