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Marv (Monkeyman Series)

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marv-lcbh-t.jpg Marv (Monkeyman Series) : 883199950192 Price: $44.99
Marv is a ham-handed gorilla with horifying strength & fighting skills. His simple, easily confused mind often gets in the way of intelligent decisions, and he has the instincts of a child. Despite his soft spot for women, Marv's gruesome exterior repulses them. He is accustomed to being treated like a monster and spends much of his time at Kadie's Club Pecos, a local watering hole. His life is pathetic and meaningless until he meets Goldie, a beautiful goddess of woman who shows him love. When Marv finds that Goldie's life has been ended by foul play, he sets out to find the responsible parties and to deliver his own type of justice, his knuckles bare, his soul as sharp as a warrior's tempered sword.

Includes the "left arm" of Monkeyman.