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Imperial Shuttle (The Saga Collection)

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imperialshuttle-tsc-t.jpg Imperial Shuttle (The Saga Collection) : 653569201755 Price: $439.99
"The Imperial shuttle is a Lambda-class shuttle used by the Imperial fleet to transport cargo and passengers. Many government officials prefer them because of their combat-worthy construction and large interior space. The shuttles are outfitted with weapons, which allow them to travel without the need for military escort, thus preventing Rebels from determining whether a shuttle is transporting mere cargo or important officials. Equipped with hyperdrives, Lambda shuttles are capable of transporting passengers or material between different fleets and star systems.

Features opening cockpit, fold-down ramp, opening wings, retractable landing gear, double ""laser"" cannons, adjustable blaster cannon and includes 3.75"" scale Darth Vader & Royal Guard action figures."