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Kitty Pryde (Marvel Universe, series 2, 017) - Reviews

Kitty Pryde (Marvel Universe, series 2, 017)

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kittypryde-mu-t.jpg Kitty Pryde (Marvel Universe, series 2, 017) : 653569485285 Price: $39.99
As the youngest member of the X-Men, Kitty Pryde often feels outclassed, especially with powerhouses like Colossus and Wolverine around. She underestimates her own value. Her quick mind and ability to phase through solid matter lend subtlety to a team overflowing with brute force. Her close relationship with the other members of the X-Men maker her, a crucial component of the team, one that focuses their conscience and power on what is right.

Intricately detailed down to the last muscle, this articulated Kitty Pryde action figure is ready to fight! Send her into battle with her dragon-like sidekick accessory to fight for the fate of the world or leave her posed for action on her display stand as a warning against evil-doers everywhere!

3.75" scale figure comes with Lockheed, display stand and classified file with secret code.