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10" Spider-Man vs Venom (Marvel Super Heroes) - Reviews

10" Spider-Man vs Venom (Marvel Super Heroes)

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10inchspidermanvsvenom-msh-t.jpg 10" Spider-Man vs Venom (Marvel Super Heroes) : 035112485124 Price: $134.99
Swinging into action with a sense of humor and twin web-shooters is the amazing Spider-Man! But when Spidey faces the alien symbiote Venom, he's in for trouble. With all of Spider-Man's powers and the ability to evade his spider-sense, Venom is Spidey's ultimate arch-foe. But utilizing all of the strength, skills, and ingenuity gained from countless crime-fighting battles, Spider-Man will be victorious again, even against the destructive power of Venom!

Includes web accessory.