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Cobra Elite Trooper (Code Name: Crimson Guard)

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cobraelitetrooper-codenamecrimsonguard-t.jpg Cobra Elite Trooper (Code Name: Crimson Guard) : 653569289319 Price: $24.99
The CRIMSON GUARD are the elite shock troops of the COBRA legions. All "Siegies" must hold a degree in either law or accounting and must be in top physical condition. Final stages of training take place in the deepest recesses of COBRA Headquarters and are purported to involve an initiation ceremony too hideous to describe.

CRIMSON GUARD troopers are to precious to be wasted on the conventional battlefield. They are dispersed about the country in deep cover, assuming apparently normal appearances and lifestyles. Watch out. That friendly new neighbor of yours might just have a red uniform hanging in his closet...3.75" scale.