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Iron Man Fusion Armor Mark VII 11 (Avengers) - Reviews

Iron Man Fusion Armor Mark VII 11 (Avengers)

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ironmanfusionarmormarkvii-t.jpg Iron Man Fusion Armor Mark VII 11 (Avengers) : 653569710080 Price: $24.99
"The latest version of the IRON MAN armor is packed with features that make it the absolute pinnacle of technological achievement. Among its many powerful weapons, it includes a specialized repulsor generator that can create solid, superheated energy weapons like saws and blades. This detailed IRON MAN figure puts you right into the heart of the battle for the future of the planet. This figure bears his signature armor - and wields a spinning saw blade! He's ready for anything and your IRON MAN Fusion Armor figure will take your battles to the next level! 4"" tall figure comes with spinning saw blade. Movie Series 11 IRON MAN Fusion Armor Mark VII."