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Lady Deathstrike (Marvel Legends)

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ladydeathstrike-ml-t.jpg Lady Deathstrike (Marvel Legends) Price: $29.99
She has suffered a life filled with betrayals and heartbreak. While some seek traditional remedies for these common troubles, Lady Deathstrike wants much more: retribution, bedlam, and revenge. Lord Dark Wing, Lady Deathstrike's father, wanting to create an army of superhuman soldiers for Japan, invented the process for bonding the virtually indestructible steel alloy adamantium to human bone. But his plans were stolen. Yuriko grew increasingly hateful towards her father after her brothers were killed in Lord Dark Wing's service. Seizing upon the first available opportunity, Lady Deathstrike lashed out and killed Lord Dark Wing. Later Lady Deathstrike adopted her late father's radical views. Her first vengeful task: find the one responsible for stealing her father's adamantium plans. Lady Deathstrike maintains her focus and her mission: murder and mayhem as a means towards all ends. Features 31 points of articulation and includes a diorama, a Marvel vs. System trading card, a 32 page comic book and the "upper torso and head" of Onslaught. 6" tall.