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Horde Prime (Classics)

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hordeprime-classics-t.jpg Horde Prime (Classics) : 746775086350 Price: $64.99
He's finally out of the shadows… remove his mask and look upon the face of evil! Does Horde Prime bear a resemblance to his sinister brother, Hordak? At long last fans will know when his face is revealed with this figure designed by The Four Horsemen. The leader of the intergalactic Horde Empire comes ready to defend his throne with an arm laser cannon attachment, and since they say two heads are better than one, a handy second head inspired by the UK Comic Book is included.

Horde Prime Bio
Real Name: Anillis Kur

Evil dictator of a galaxy-spanning empire, the tyrannical Horde Prime rules from his throne on Horde World. Systematically wiping out many of the Cosmic Enforcers, Anillis gained his greatest triumph when he infected his arch enemy He-Ro with a mind wiping techno-organic virus and banished him to the far off magical planet of Eternia. Knowing his scheming younger brother's ambition, Anillis sent him on a foolish quest to ensure He-Ro was defeated, never realizing that in doing so he would set about a destined series of events that five millennia later would lead to his defeat at the hands of the twin warriors He-Man and She-Ra!

6" tall.