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8" Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man Origins) - Reviews

8" Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man Origins)

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8inchdoctoroctopus-ssso-t.jpg 8" Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man Origins) Price: $34.99
Raised in a miserable home, Otto Octavius sought refuge in science. Cut off from the affection of other people, he grew obsessed with nuclear physics and robotics, moving decades beyond the achievements of his peers. Among his most brilliant inventions was a set of highly sophisticated robotic "tentacles" he used to assist him in his experiments.

A catastrophic radiation leak left Octavius brain damaged, and his robotic tentacles fused to his spine. Latent telepathic powers emerged, allowing him to mentally control his new appendages as if he had been born with them, giving him immense strength, great reach and stunning mobility. Driven mad by this final insult in a life filled with pain, he turned to a life of crime. Features fabric costume.