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Stockade (Deluxe Class)

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stockade-deluxeclass-t.jpg Stockade (Deluxe Class) Price: $24.99
Drawn to Earth by a DECEPTICON homing signal after the final battle for the AllSpark, STOCKADE quickly hooked up with STARSCREAM. He’s content to follow orders from anyone, as long as those orders involve kicking AUTOBOT tailpipe. Back on CYBERTRON, he used to threaten neutrals into staying neutral, and punished those who seemed to have a problem with their audio receptors. There’s more than enough AUTOBOTS on Earth to keep him busy.

Convert this devilish DECEPTICON figure from vengeful robot mode to sleek SUV vehicle mode and back again! Press the sinister STOCKADE figure’s arm lever to activate an auto-punch attack or change to SUV vehicle mode and take off in hot pursuit of excitement and adventure!