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Cosmic Cruising Silver Surfer (movie)

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cosmiccruisingsilversurfer-t.jpg Cosmic Cruising Silver Surfer (movie) Price: $49.99
Hailing from an unknown star system, the enigmatic entity known as the Silver Surfer has come to our planet on a mysterious intergalactic mission. Armed with the awesome power to manipulate any type of energy at will and the ability to ride a soaring cosmic force, the Surfer will be more than a challenge for the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four. It will take more than just teamwork for the Fantastic Four to overcome this otherwordly visitor and his hidden agenda.

Send this detailed Silver Surfer action figure “soaring” through the universe! Pull-back-and-go action lets him “ride” the cosmic waves! And with a sleek, metallic-looking finish, this fierce figure is on an intergalactic mission – and heading straight for your collection!