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Spider-Man with suction web & cyber spider (Spectacular Animated) - Reviews

Spider-Man with suction web & cyber spider (Spectacular Animated)

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spidermanwithsuctionwebandcyberspider-sc-t.jpg Spider-Man with suction web & cyber spider (Spectacular Animated) : 653569375258 Price: $134.99
"Faced with more powerful villains than ever before, The Spectacular Spider-Man powers up with the abilities of incredible, bio-engineered Cyber Spiders to beat the bad guys and save the day!

The heroic web-slinger is up against an all new, more powerful Venom! Luckily, the wall-crawler's latest Cyber Spider charges up his webbing to withstand the slimy Super Villain's attack! Against The Spectacular Spider-Man, and his Cyber Spider pal, not even Venom stands a chance.

Swing into action with this Spider-Man figure! Based on the animated character, this thrilling web-slinger comes with a suction web accessory that clings to some walls and windows. Hang the web and your super articulated crime fighter clings to it, just waiting for his enemies to come along. With his Cyber Spider by his side, this hero is more powerful than ever!

Figure comes with web accessory and collectible Cyber Spider figure. 5"" scale."