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Web Commando Spidey (Web Force)

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webcommandospiderman(t).jpg Web Commando Spidey (Web Force) : 035112475217 Price: $24.99
"Facing the ever-growing threats of villains like the Vulture and the Spider-Smash Lizard, Spider-Man has learned to adapt. Preferring to rely on his web-shooters and spider-abilities, Spidey finds he needs something extra when the new-and-improved Vulture hits town. So Spidey slaps on his web commando gear, hops in his transforming web copter, and takes to the skies, certain that this time the Vulture won't leave him hanging on the ground. So the Vulture had better watch out, because even if he's high in the skies, he can't get away from the new Web Commando Spider-Man!"