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Baroness - Paris Pursuit (The Rise of Cobra)

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baroness-parispursuit-t.jpg Baroness - Paris Pursuit (The Rise of Cobra) : 653569408383 Price: $29.99
As dangerous as she is beautiful, BARONESS is a master spy for COBRA and a powerful, high-ranking figure at M.A.R.S. Industries. She speeds through the streets of Paris with the nanomite technology to complete her destructive mission. Her preferred weapon? M.A.R.S. Industries 9mm submachine gun with nano-pulse weapon.

Plot a top secret operation to take over Paris – and the world – with this BARONESS action figure and her weapon accessories. But you’ll have to move quickly (and quietly) or your plans might be foiled. Espionage, excitement and fast-moving action are all coming your way!

Action figure comes with a stand and weapon accessories.