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Venom (Build A Figure Collection, Sandman Series)

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venom-sandman-t.jpg Venom (Build A Figure Collection, Sandman Series) : 653569258254 Price: $69.99
Eddie Brock can't remember the moment at which he went crazy. He was a normal man once - maybe with a surplus of anger, but never a killer. The symbiote changed him - made him somehow more. Stronger, faster, smarter. More angry. It gave him claws and the will to use them. It took his rage at the man who destroyed them both - Spider-Man - and made it potent, powerful, murderous. As Venom, he's got all the fighting skills and high-flying talents of Spider-Man. As Venom, he's got one goal: the destruction of Spider-Man.

Includes the left arm and hand of Sandman.