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Cobra Gunship with Firefly (The Rise of Cobra)

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cobragunship-t.jpg Cobra Gunship with Firefly (The Rise of Cobra) Price: $53.99
A military convoy is transporting advanced M.A.R.S. Industries nanomite weapon prototypes when a menacing aircraft appears out of nowhere and launches an attack! The plane is fast, deadly—and unlike anything the Special Operations Team has seen before. It’s their first encounter with an advanced COBRA aircraft, and for some, it’s their last.

Rip-roaring adventure is coming your way, by way of this high-flying and ready-for-anything COBRA GUNSHIP vehicle! Opening doors, access panels and a cockpit let you check out this sinister airship and get your FIREFLY figure in place to “fly” into combat. A rotating gun nose and firing missiles provide your first level of attack, until you start loading and dropping bombs to give the G.I.JOE forces an airborne attack like they’ve never seen!

Includes FIREFLY action figure.