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Lt. Stone (Sigma 6)

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ltstone-sigma6-t.jpg Lt. Stone (Sigma 6) Price: $99.99
"Lt. Stone was an elite member of a well-known British intelligence agency. He prefers to be called a spy rather than a covert ops agent, because ""spy"" accurately describes the daring, devious and dangerous nature of his work. He is highly skilled at cracking codes, reading ancient languages and solving mysteries. His fascination with secrets has led him to collect many gadgets with hidden weapons and devices. He is an expert at disguise and often infiltrates Cobra dressed as one of its members. An experienced pilot, Lt. Stone flies the Dragonhawk heavy armor dropship for the Sigma 6 team. His left arm, injured during a battle with Cobra, has been replaced with a bionic arm made of ultra-hard dimantium metal.

Equipment portfolio:
* Net Launcher: Compact Capture & Contain system with double-barrel net launcher, elastomer netting, sliding armor shields and Opti-code lens that reveals hidden messages (look for one on this package).
* Cobra Trooper disguise and Zartan mask: for deep cover missions."