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Union Jack (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series)

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unionjack-redhulk-t.jpg Union Jack (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series) : 653569318927 Price: $49.99
In a nation ruled by men with centuries of wealth behind them, few men of power truly act on behalf of the common people. Most of this land's heroes are raised up to near-noble status and sequestered behind the walls of a hundred year old intelligence agency, but Union Jack is different. Though he does occasionally work for M15, he's also got a day job like any other man, and he spends his nights down at the inn with his mates; fighting crime is just a side thing. His power is drawn from the spirit of England herself, a spirit that has always been closer to the commons who work her lands than to the nobles that rule her.

Includes the torso of Red Hulk.