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Rebel Trooper (The Saga Collection, #046, white) - Reviews

Rebel Trooper (The Saga Collection, #046, white)

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rebeltrooper-tsc046-2t.jpg Rebel Trooper (The Saga Collection, #046, white) : 653569126614 Price: $29.99
Hand picked by Han Solo for the mission to Endor, these troopers are the best and brightest of the Rebel Alliance. Survivors of some of the toughest battles of the Galactic Civil War, each one of them is a skilled marksman, expert in demolitions, and an easy match in hand to hand combat for any stormtrooper. Each of these men can survive in the wilderness for weeks at a time, remaining silent and unseen, until the command is given to strike. Includes an exclusive hologram figure. 3.75" tall.