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Battle Ravaged Spider-Man (Classics with mini foil poster) - Reviews

Battle Ravaged Spider-Man (Classics with mini foil poster)

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battleravagedspiderman-poster-t.jpg Battle Ravaged Spider-Man (Classics with mini foil poster) : 035112470922 Price: $39.99
The amazing Spider-Man uses his sensational spider-powers to protect society from the world's most dangerous super villains. It takes all of his superhuman strength, speed, and agility to fight the forces of evil. He often faces insurmountable odds and is forced to combat numerous opponents at the same time. Not even his amazing early warning "spider-sense" can always keep him from being hurt while in battle. However, Spidey's incredible determination and will to win lets him triumph in battles against impossible odds. In the process, his world famous red and blue costume is often torn to shreds. It's a good thing that our hero created his own costume and knows how to sew up a replacement. Where else can a super hero bring their costume to be mended? 6" Spider-Man has 30 points of articulation, includes collector wall mountable display stand and a custom mini poster!