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Wolverine & Human Torch (Marvel Universe Comic Packs #2) - Reviews

Wolverine & Human Torch (Marvel Universe Comic Packs #2)

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wolverineandhumantorch-mu-t.jpg Wolverine & Human Torch (Marvel Universe Comic Packs #2) : 653569427377 Price: $44.99
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the greatest crossover event of all time.

The battle begins in earnest as a massed force of villains attack the gathered heroes. Though the initial strike is devastating, Wolverine is more than happy to finally have a fight. He dives claws first into the vicious melee agains his enemies.

Meanwhile, the Human Torch soars through the sky, concentrating his flame blast on the powerful weapons of his opponents, melting them into slag and rendering them defenseless against the clawed X-Man!

Includes Secret Wars Issue #2 comic book.