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12" Silver Surfer (Marvel Legends Icons) - Reviews

12" Silver Surfer (Marvel Legends Icons)

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12inchsilversurfer-mli-t.jpg 12" Silver Surfer (Marvel Legends Icons) : 653569231110 Price: $79.99
First and most favored among the heralds of Galactus, the Silver Surfer is recognized across the universe as both a savior and a harbinger of doom. He is driven by an inborn love for adventure and exploration, as well as his own deep sense that there is much wrong in the universe that needs righting.

Norrin Radd offered to serve Galactus in exchange for the life of his beloved home world, Zenn-La. As the Silver Surfer he's spent eons at the side of the great Galactus, leading the planet-devouring entity from one energy-rich world to the next. He abandoned his master only after his first visit to the planet Earth, where he was reminded of his own devotion to freedom and love of life.

Since abandoning his duties as herald, he has wandered the universe, using the power cosmic to fight at the side of many of the most powerful heroes in this reality. He is an elemental force of justice that never tires, never ceases and never loses sight of all that is right and good.