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Jason Todd as Hush (Wizard ToyFare Exclusive) - Reviews

Jason Todd as Hush (Wizard ToyFare Exclusive)

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jasontodd-t.jpg Jason Todd as Hush (Wizard ToyFare Exclusive) Price: $169.99
"When Hush stood revealed as Batman's former side-kick (the believed-dead second Robin, Jason Todd) at the end of Batman #617, the world gasped in disbelief. Now one of the greatest cliffhangers in the history of comics is immortalized as an action figure. The BATMAN HUSH: JASON TODD AS HUSH ACTION FIGURE measures approximately 6 1/2"" tall and features multiple points of articulation. This figure comes with two guns, includes a Batman logo base and is packaged in a 4-color window box. It features a brand-new head sculpt by Tim Bruckner based on superstar artist Jim Lee's designs. This limited-edition figure is only available through Wizard Entertainment's ToyFare Magazine."