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Black Costume Spider-Man (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series) - Reviews

Black Costume Spider-Man (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series)

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blackcostumespiderman-redhulkseries-t.jpg Black Costume Spider-Man (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series) : 653569318910 Price: $124.99
Transported to an alien world by the mysterious Beyonder alongside dozens of other heroes and villains from Earth, Spider-Man is in the fight of his life. Pitted against villains far more powerful than any he has faced before it's all he can do just to stay alive and protect his fellow heroes. With costume and web-shooters destroyed, his first priority is to keep things decent. When he encounters a mysterious, high-tech costume making machine, he's more than willing to give it a shot. The result is a slick new costume, with a whole host of new powers seemingly designed specifically to give him the extra edge he needs.

6" tall, includes the left arm of Red Hulk.