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Bumblebee 2-Pack (Evolution of a Hero)

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bumblebee-eoah-t.jpg Bumblebee 2-Pack (Evolution of a Hero) : 653569263524 Price: $49.99
First on Earth, BUMBLEBEE was given the task of locating and protecting Sam until the other AUTOBOTS could arrive. He found more than a mission to complete. He found friendship among the humans that he would risk his life to defend. More than that, he found a place that felt like home for the first time since CYBERTRON. When he arrived, he scanned the first vehicle he saw, but once he decided to stay on Earth, he thought something a little more up to date would help him feel right at home. Change these AUTOBOT figures from detailed robots to awesome vehicles and back again! Classic Camaro® vehicle features double missile-launching blasters, while the Camaro® Concept vehicle features a cannon that converts to a blade! These are two amazing advanced-conversion vehicles to add to your collection!