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Landmine (Movie Deluxe)

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landmine-t.jpg Landmine (Movie Deluxe) Price: $24.99
Brought to life by the AllSpark pulsewave released during the final battle against MEGATRON, LANDMINE is still learning what it means to be an AUTOBOT. He is content, however, to continue his work with the humans of Sector 7, even while IRONHIDE trains him in the finer points of robot combat. He enjoys the excitement and intrigue of working as an agent in a super-secret organization. Knowing that what he does not only keeps the humans safe, but also protects his fellow AUTOBOTS brings him great gratification. Convert this AUTOBOT figure from menacing robot mode to dune buggy vehicle mode and back again! It comes with a cryo-shock rifle that can be posed in the robot’s hand or mounted on the dune buggy’s roof! The dune buggy mode also features working shocks for chasing down wayward enemies! Detailed robot-to-vehicle figure features a cryo-shock rifle that can be held in robot mode or mounted on the roof in dune buggy mode!