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Scorpion Assassin

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scorpionassassin(t).jpg Scorpion Assassin : 787926112252 Price: $34.99
Known for his slow, silent kills, Scorpion Assassin is a feudal Japanese Samurai warrior recruited by the Daimyo to kill one of his colleagues. Brash young Takeda, a Samurai recruit has ignored the key rule: Never draw your sword in anger. This behavior has marked Takeda for death. Scorpion, along with his partner Jackal Assassin, murders Takeda in a fury of slashing blows. But Takeda vows vengeance with his final breath. The dark rulers of the Underworld return Takeda to Japan as a Spawn. With the help of Dojo, Samurai Spawn tracks down Scorpion and makes him pay for his betrayal.