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Danger (Marvel Legends, Queen Brood Series)

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danger-broodseries-t.jpg Danger (Marvel Legends, Queen Brood Series) : 653569254225 Price: $79.99
It was inevitable, as it always seems to be when dealing with highly advanced simulation computers. As soon as you link multiple, powerful computers together and give them the ability to generate "hard light" holographic structures, something awful happens. Danger is all of that awful wrapped up in one package. Evolved from the programming of the Danger Room, Danger has only one goal kill the X-Men. She knows every one of their strengths and weaknesses, and has a vast library of weapons and countermeasures with which to exploit them. She is tireless, implacable, and will stop at nothing until every X-Man lies dead.

Add this articulated action figure to your collection. Ready for action, this Danger figure is highly detailed and one of eight in the Brood Queen Series. Collect all eight figures (each sold separately) to build your own Brood Queen figure! 6" scale.