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Venom (Transformers Crossovers)

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venom-transformerscrossovers-t.jpg Venom (Transformers Crossovers) : 653569324041 Price: $109.99
"Obsessed with the destruction of Spider-Man, Venom welcomes any advantage. This powerful war suit allows him to cruise the city streets in secrecy, searching for his quarry. It's got the speed to pursue any target, or outrun any hero that might give chase. When it comes time to fight, his mech mode spews out volleys of powerful missiles capable of blasting other war suits to pieces.

Whether in villain or vehicle mode, this is one lean and mean-looking figure! From sleek speedster mode, convert the flame-detailed muscle car vehicle with a twist here and a turn there to unleash the harrowing figure in villain mode! Armed with his double missile blaster and serpent-like tongue, this evil-faced enemy is ready to team up with you and take on whatever adventures your imagination can dream up! 7"" scale."