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Heavy Artillery Iron Man 03 (Avengers)

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heavyartilleryironman-t.jpg Heavy Artillery Iron Man 03 (Avengers) : 653569699453 Price: $24.99
IRON MAN packs the most sophisticated weaponry on the planet into his armor, but some weapons are simply too large to integrate. His latest invention gathers plasma energy from the environment and focuses it into a blast powerful enough to level any opposition. This Heavy Artillery IRON MAN figure looks just like the amazing hero you already know! But this figure doesn't just come with his signature armor. He also comes with a plasma claw launcher that fires a missile at any enemy who dares to take him on! Load him up and get him ready to fire. He's ready for anything and your Heavy Artillery IRON MAN figure will take your battles to the next level! Concept Series 03 Heavy Artillery IRON MAN. 4" tall figure comes with weapon accessory and launching projectile.